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Purpose of MSC Abbott

MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference presents annual conference programs that encourage sophomore and junior student leaders at Texas A&M University to learn about and reflect on ethics, morals, and values and how they apply to their business, community and family lives.

History of MSC Abbott

The MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference (AFLC) is one of the premier student development programs of the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University. The idea for this leadership conference was conceived during the “Capture the Spirit” Funds Campaign during the early 1990’s. The Abbott Family believes in giving back to the university because of the extraordinary opportunities provided by Texas A&M.

How did the MSC Abbott get its start?

Inspired and encouraged by former MSC Director, Jim Reynolds, the Abbott family decided the time was right to establish a new type of leadership program for students of the Memorial Student Center. Focusing on the relationship between values and leadership, the Abbott Family wanted to help prepare sophomore and junior Aggies to become responsible business, community and family leaders of tomorrow.

After months of planning and support from the MSC, the Abbott Family Leadership Conference was created. Taking place in Dallas, Texas in November 1995, the first conference featured 25 student delegates and six student directors.

The Abbott Family Leadership Conference now features two sessions, with a total of 77 student delegates and 21 student directors. Taking place in San Antonio and Houston, Texas the conference continues to focus on the values and principles the Abbott family holds in high regard. It’s the goal of the family to continue guiding delegates in establishing their own value system but also to be equipped to handle the real-world challenges of today.

Not only providing financial support, the Abbott family continues to provide their time, talents and resources, personally participating in every event sponsored by the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference committee.